Box frame v. canvas ie. why box frame and not canvas?
Today’s marketplace is so familiar with canvas prints that we’ve almost come to a conclusion that there are no alternatives to it, or are there? YES! And may I say, a much better one! Having tried numerous canvas print suppliers (over many years of being an artist and photographer) and even having owned a canvas printing company myself, I’ve learnt a lot about it… And canvas print has it’s place, that’s for sure BUT allow me to introduce a box frame – this amazing product has so many pluses I literally don’t know where to start… But here are just a few:

  • Box-framed prints don’t need a frame. Yes I am aware you can display a canvas without a frame as well but the corners are much more vulnerable without it and the printed surface will wear off pretty soon.
  • No need to worry about the surface becoming ‘floppy’. Although some canvas prints do come with supplied corner stretching piece which you can tap to make your canvas trim again, most don’t and you will end up with a floppy canvas at some point.
  • Very tough scratch resistant surface. This cannot be said about canvas prints – although canvas prints vary in terms of varnished/unvarnished or even laminated surface, most come with very thin layer of varnish which only offers very limited level of protection.
  • Superior print quality. Compared with canvas prints, box-framed prints have the same giclée quality print as archival museum quality papers (as it is essentially paper print mounted on a tough light weight board and then laminated). Canvas prints on the other hand are far inferior quality than paper prints (unless canvas prints have been produced to museum quality standards) mostly because of the material of the canvas and less number of inks used.

I guess you can see why I evangelise about the box-framed prints so much and why I decided to offer them instead of canvas prints: because they are so versatile, tough, durable, light-weight and they look super cool too!

PS. I am of course talking about the quality of the box-framed prints found on this website, I cannot tell about the quality of other suppliers… 😉