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Kerto Elvin


Kerto Elvin is a multi-award winning artist and photographer in Winnersh, Wokingham, UK. Kerto began her artistic journey at a very early age, her artistic abilities were always nurtured by her mother who is a professional, artist herself. Kerto started her photographic journey in the 1980’s with her own darkroom in her native Estonia. Her talents were recognised early-on and from the age of 13, throughout her adult life, Kerto has exhibited her artwork in various countries. She is professionally trained, having studied at Tartu Art College, Estonia.

Upon moving to the UK in 2003, Kerto spent the next 7 years as a professional artist working from her studio in Horsham. Her choice of media was mainly oils and watercolours with photography always present but often as a side-line. Kerto loves combining her fine art painting experience with photography to create images which have timeless classical, almost painterly feel.